Photo of paramedics attending a patient

Medical Alert bracelets have formed a core part of the medical chain of survival. Highlighting life threatening medical conditions early to first aiders and qualified medical personnel.
BERTS Alert™ uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives.

Using one of our BERTS Alert™ Smart-cards or Smart-chips or Smart-fob to access your vital information securely in an emergency


Simply carry with you your unique BERTS Alert™ Smart-Card or BERTS Alert™ Smart-Fob, or place a BERTS Alert™ Smart-Chip on something you always have with you such as a motorcycle helmet, and emergency services personnel will be able to scan it and find out everything you want them to know.

BERTS Alert™ is the smart solution that gives everyone the confidence to know that any type of emergency can be managed quickly, correctly and successfully

The BERT smart chip