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Welcome to BERT - Business Enterprise Risk Technology

Welcome to BERT’S World. We are on a “Safety made Simple” mission to provide risk management solutions for business big and small. Quite simply- safety and risk systems that are customised. Because we know one size does not fit all. State of the art technology which has been tried, tested and backed with a a whole lot of integrity means: Australia- we have got your back.

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What we do

Many organisations are scrutinised and left trying to manage safety, and risk management compliance with a one size fits all model. The risk of loss of resources, money and time is compounding. Many businesses aren’t meeting their requirements, which leaves them wide open for both tragedy and harsh consequences. The time has come for diligence and customised care that doesn’t cost the earth. 

We see many organisations weighed down with complex and expensive systems and a real difficulty in managing data collection that is ‘fiddle proof’ and automated.  We see it as our service to the Business Community as a whole to help them keep afloat of issues and become stronger than ever before.

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