Hospitality Industry


You have paid a lot of money for your machinery, equipment, and utilities. You are investing in new and existing staff all while trying to put bums on seats and encourage return patronage.

Hospitality is a tough game, so assessing hazards and risks, prompting staff, training employees and every single step that goes into maintaining the engine behind the scenes can be extremely time-consuming and draining, not to mention repetitive!

Using smart chip technology, one tap and your employee is on their way. Everything done for you. Signature-ready, tamper-proof, reportable and automatically stored to a secure server in report form. We have a simple solution that can save your business THOUSANDS.

What do you need? A smartphone. Yes that’s right. This is all you need. All of your data requirements done, compliance – done. Simple right? Exactly! 


Awesome right?

Protecting your investment, protecting your staff, protecting your business, and protecting you. So less frustrating!

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