Go On Then Prove It!

Go on then – Prove it!

That’s a challenge that BERT is frequently given, always by prospective clients; never by regular users of the BERT’s Product.

We don’t have to ‘prove it’. We leave that to existing clients to regularly check that they are achieving the projected BERT-generated savings.

We invite our prospective clients to work out for themselves the savings that are on offer when using our Product.

Everyone has access to BERT’s Calculator –it’s here for ready access on our website: Go to www.BERTS.World Products! Just put in the figures that you know (or think you know) apply to your business or organisation for Workplace Safety and Risk Management and see, instantly what savings BERT will make for you.

And, even when deducting the very modest cost of BERT’s set-up and access, you will be very pleasantly surprised at the savings – and, most likely horrified to see just how much Workplace Safety and Risk Management daily compliance is costing you!

So, without a hint of arrogance, we invite you to prove that BERT is not THE Product to help you achieve Workplace Safety and Risk Management compliance and save ‘A shed load’ in the process!

We at BERT look forward to work with you.

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