BERTS Alert™

The Medical & ID Alert System for the 21st Century

Medical Alert bracelets have formed a core part of the medical chain of survival. Highlighting life threatening medical conditions early to first aider’s and qualified medical personnel.

BERTS Alert™ uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives.

Using one of our BERTS Alert™ Smart-cards or Smart-chips or Smart-fob to access your vital information securely in an emergency

BERTS Alert™ – Membership

  • 12 months membership
  • 1 x BERTS Alert™ Smart-Card
  • 2 x BERTS Alert™ Smart-Chips – these can be attached to your cycle/motorbike helmet for example.
  • Unique, secure online member page. This contains the following information.
  • Membership No. :
  • Date updated:
  • ID Photograph:
  • Members full name:
  • Name you wished to me addressed by
  • Members date of birth:
  • Members home address:
  • Members email address.
  • Members phone number.
  • Registered Blind:
  • Registered Deaf:
  • Epileptic:
  • Hemophiliac.
  • Diabetic.
  • Pacemaker fitted:
  • Allergies.
  • Medical conditions/disabilities (i.e. Epilepsy/Autistic/learning difficulties/blind)
  • Medications – dosage, when taken, length of time it has been prescribed.
  • Advance Directives: Example (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation)
  • Donor instructions
  • GP details contact details
  • Up to 6 x Emergency contact names & numbers (one ICE primary contact, one next of kin,  & 4 others)
  • Social services contact details
  • Care workers contact details

$ 85.80 per year inc.GST