BERTS Alert™

The Medical & ID Alert System for the 21st Century

Medical Alert bracelets have formed a core part of the medical chain of survival. Highlighting life threatening medical conditions early to first aider’s and qualified medical personnel.

BERTS Alert™ uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives.

Using one of our BERTS Alert™ Smart-cards or Smart-chips or Smart-fob to access your vital information securely in an emergency

BERTS Alert™ – Membership

  • 12 months membership
  • 1 x BERTS Alert™ Smart-Card
  • 2 x BERTS Alert™ Smart-Chips – these can be attached to your cycle/motorbike helmet for example.
  • Unique, secure online member page. This contains the following information.
  • Membership No. :
  • Date updated:
  • ID Photograph:
  • Members full name:
  • Name you wished to me addressed by
  • Members date of birth:
  • Members home address:
  • Members email address.
  • Members phone number.
  • Registered Blind:
  • Registered Deaf:
  • Epileptic:
  • Hemophiliac.
  • Diabetic.
  • Pacemaker fitted:
  • Allergies.
  • Medical conditions/disabilities (i.e. Epilepsy/Autistic/learning difficulties/blind)
  • Medications – dosage, when taken, length of time it has been prescribed.
  • Advance Directives: Example (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation)
  • Donor instructions
  • GP details contact details
  • Up to 6 x Emergency contact names & numbers (one ICE primary contact, one next of kin,  & 4 others)
  • Social services contact details
  • Care workers contact details

$ 43.95 per year inc.GST

Help Emergency Services find you

What 3 Words

what3words has given every 3m square a unique combination of three words. People are using the free app to help Emergency Services know exactly where to find you.

Watch and share real stories to raise awareness of how what3words can help in emergencies, outdoor activities and deliveries.

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