BERT Client tops the 5,000!

The North Western Victoria Shire of Gunnawarra was an early adopter of
BERT’s unique format Workplace Safety and Risk Management forms.
The Shire’s outdoor section, with its multiplicity of transport, mechanical
and small engine plant equipment, was getting snowed-under with printed
paper forms. Thousands of emails and handwritten notes were the norm.
Since late 2017, that has been a thing of the past. REAMS of paper no
longer purchased, printed, read and archived: Productive time, absorbed
everyday with essential but distracting form filling and report writing is
now freed-up to productive activities, thanks to the BERT’s Product.
5,000, mostly multi-page forms have, since 2017 been managed by
BERT’s unique format forms; saving Gunnawarra Shire not just the cost of
reams and reams of paper but precious productive time. Productive time
of the entire Team, all twenty-six people that make up the Outdoor
Section workforce. Their smartphone is all they now need to complete
their pre-starts and equipment checks, to meet compliance.
This, BERT-enabled range of savings comes straight back to the business
bottom line. Precious funds to divert to essential services.
BERT is inexpensive, always up to date, always on-the-job and always
cost effective.
We at BERT look forward to our continued partnership with The Shire of

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