Australian Here is Your Online Store for Safety- ALERT- NOT BORING!

Australia, you have asked and we have listened! We are pleased to announce our release of our Online Safety Store. So far we have saved Aussie organsations over $525,890.000 in 3 months alone. How? Workplace Safety Resources. 

So why are they talking?

The very latest tech is set to revolutionise safety and risk management in an Australian first. Replacing paper, apps, and downloads has people talking! The biggest point for discussion? Affordability, simplicity, and security. WHY? Because the inspectors are coming and we want to protect you and your business, your organisation but MOST importantly: your employees. Did we mention the money saving? That’s right, over half a million dollars saved. So we needed to make this more accessible to everyone. Next stop: ONLINE SHOPPING.

BERT Online Store Leaderboard

“After rolling out our suite of products to government and small business, we knew it was only time before we were asked to have an online store on demand. After months of work, development and delivery testing, we are ready to go!” says Martin Stow.

Our team is excited as it now means that instead of having to make downloads or app purchases or fill out forms customers can buy exactly what they need in easy online step. Our in-house system is fiddle proof, highly secure and customers choose what they need, pay and go with a subscription option, with no holding contracts or ongoing charges. “It was time to make it easier for people, to make safety compliance solutions more accessible,” says Martin.

so you want to save money?

It was evident from our research out on the field talking to farmers, primary producers, truck drivers and NFP’s- they do not have extra time and resources. Often people are squeezed in a corner to comply. If I am an owner operator truck driver, I have been on the road for hours; I have a million things to do and think about, am I going to feel like downloading an app, swiping, fixing, altering, filling in forms and spaces to create a solution? No way. I want to tap and go with a quick effective yet SECURE tool. If I want to talk to someone, I don’t get some chatbot or an email I speak to an actual person. The next step in our business evolution was an online store where clients can buy and use right away.”

Impending Changes to Aussie Industry

With the impending National changes to the Truck Industry, the products couldn’t come at a better time.

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Mike Wood, head of LATUS, Logistics Risk Specialists is an educator on compliance. “Each business must have an SMS, Safety Management System in place by mid-2018. We are witnessing a lot of distress and confusion in the transport industry over the new legislation involving the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) law. The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) prescribes certain requirements and obligations to ensure compliance and safety for all parties in the transport supply chain. This means that anyone who influences the transport activity is responsible for safety on the road. The penalties are harsh and high; we encourage anyone in this industry, or any workplace industry to be aware of legislation and use the Digital Tools available to them!  They can comply without the stress and heartache that compliance litigation can impose.”

Safety goes a long way

The online store couldn’t come at a better time. Recently cited by Workplace Victoria as an exciting development in Safety and Risk Management, BERT is pleased to be able to be of service to those in need of assistance to transform their business space. The first release of products will include SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) and Pre- Start Checks for everything from trucks to tractors and chainsaws. Workplace Safety resources that take moments not minutes. 

Gannwarra Shire

The suite of products was rolled out earlier this year in the Gannawarra Shire in Northern Victoria. Col Shepard, Acting Manager of Operation Works at Gannawarra says;

“We went from paper-based reporting that was generic and went with this model to help increase safety and create a better system. Now it is fully customized, easier to use and makes more sense to employees. When compared to some other tech-based systems out there, we found this one to be more affordable and to be honest; you get someone on the end of the phone, the backup service and relationship is better. It is more relevant and cohesive.”

Not for Profit

Would you like a Free Trial with no strings attached? Go to our Online Store and Click FREE TRIAL. We are dedicated to reducing your workplace resources so that your budget goes to where it is needed the very most. 

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